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Electronic Door Locks

Traditional locks and keys are increasingly inadequate for today's hotel market. Mechanical keys are easily duplicated and offer no record of users.

Programmable magnetic swipe cards and keyless electronic locks offer many benefits. Programmable locks and cards give managers greater access control for employees and guests. Cards can be programmed to access only certain areas of the hotel, and a pre-defined times, giving management maxium control over security. Cardlocks give both you and your guests added peace of mind and comfort, knowing only authorized people can gain access, at the right time and to the right room.

Electronic locks are designed for ease of use. Each system is self cleaning and resistant to abuse or deliberate vandalism as cards are swiped along the full-length card encryption system. Systems store the last 300 swipes creating a highly effective audit trail

Each lock is available in solid brass, stainless steel, or bronze. All locks are drawn from solid metal, with radiused corners and smooth edges. You may choose from either solid turned knobs or levers. All levers meet US fire codes.

Each lock is engineered for security and reliability and offers a comprehensive 3 year warranty. Access to the lock's internal mechanisms and electronics are accessible from the room side only, by security screws.

The optional Data Transfer Unit (DTU) offers management an easy to use lock program and interrogation system. Once the main system is set up all the information required to program the property can be downloaded to the DTU. This information includes all doors on the property, from guest rooms to stores, offices, leisure facilities, executive areas and even perimeter access.

Once the system information is downloaded, the DTU can be used to easily upgrade future software enhancements without the need for expensive hardware changes. DTU units make trouble shooting lock problems a snap. Use the DTU to view the last 300 card transactions, giving card details including date and time used. This information can make zeroing in on problems involving invalid cards, expired time, and data corruption much easier to diagnose and rectify. All of this information can be stored on the DTU and later uploaded to the main system, or printed at the door. Permanent records can be saved to disk.

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What our customers say:

Years ago, Sterling was in the market for a company to take care of our security needs. On recommendation from another bank's security officer, Allied Security was selected and has more than lived up to their reputation of being second to none when it comes to equipment value, personal attention, and exceptional service. For anyone seeking a "security partner," I enthusiastically recommend Allied."

William "Bill" Zuppe
Sterling Savings Bank