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Insulated Vault Doors

To insure protection of records and other valuables, an insulated vault door is needed. Combined with a fire resistive vault area, this vault door will provide both fire resistance and security.

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Online Brochures (PDFs):
From Hamilton Safes:
Vault Doors (261KB)
Modular Vault Panels (130KB)
DACS Systems (67KB)

Buying/Owning Tip:

The most common mistake we see in this business:
Not buying enough safe.
People frequently underestimate the amount of documents, cash, and valuables they want to protect. Take a critical look at everything you want to protect then talk to an Allied Safe Professional. We'll help you zero in on the best protection at the best value that suits your needs.

Customize your safe with:

  • locks
  • shelves
  • racks
  • trays
  • drawers

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