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General Safe Questions
Are safes fireproof, waterproof, or burglarproof?
Can I bolt my safe to the floor or ground?
What is the difference between the safes Allied sells and the safes sold at the large hardware stores?
Does a safe need maintenance?
What if I need service on my safe?

Fire Rated Safes
Can I store computer diskettes in a standard fire safe?
Can I place photos and negatives in a fire safe?
Can I place paper money (cash) in a fire rated safe?

Burglary Rated Safes
Will a burglary rated safe protect my contents from fire damage?

Combinations and Locks
What if the batteries go dead in an electric lock?
Is an electronic lock less secure than a standard combination lock?
Can I change my safe combination?
What happens if I forget the safe combination?

What is the warranty on my safe?

Shipping, Installation, and Payment
Is freight and/or installation included in the price?
How will my safe be shipped?
How can I get my safe installed?
What payment methods do you accept?
What are your terms of payment?


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"Your firm has consistently met our needs with innovative solutions. Allied Security and it's employees should be applauded for exemplary service and commitment to customer satisfaction."

Lewis Rumpler
Vice President/CFO
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